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Fleetwood Mac's Swan Song On GRAMMY Stage?
Fleetwood Mac had their best year in a decade in 1997, and selling 4
million copies of The Dance and touring throughout the country has
landed the two-time GRAMMY winners another couple nominations,
including Best Pop Album. It's also earned them a slot on the big
show, and tonight they ran through a three-song medley they have
planned: "Rhiannon," "Go Your Own Way" and "Don't Stop." And the band
sounds as good today as it ever has. Joined by extra musicians like
percussionist Lenny Castro - a full 8-plus players were on stage - the
sound was full, the stage stark,and the place was rocking. As for the
individual members, Lindsay Buckingham is as energetic and manic as he
is in actual performance, and beteween takes he's a ball of energy,
pacing the stage, rubbing his hands together and through his hair.
Meanwhile, the more laid back Mick Fleetwood strolled the stage with a
bottle of sparkling water. Stevie Nicks was garbed in her usual spike
heels and dark, draped dress. It was like an old-fashioned rock
concert when a stand-in host stage right announced: "Twenty years
later and once again a nominee for Best Pop Album, Fleetwood Mac!" and
band launched an acoustic, piano-based "Rhiannon" snippet that
exploded into "Go Your Own Way." Is this the last performance for the
Mac? It's possible, but if so it looks like they'll bow out with a
bang. Especially if they take home a trophy Wednesday night.