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Make a song about Lindsey is Sarah's and I dedication to Lindsey. We are looking for fans to write us some idea's for song title's, then, write one line describing him. Sarah or I will edit it, and put it into a song. We both will contribute to the titles and the lyrics.
Now this is how we are going to do it, we'll put a list of song titles up, pick a title, post it, and contribute one line. Got it? Who knows, maybe Lindsey will stumble onto this page and get a kick out of what people think about him!:) Have fun and let's get started!!


2. Buckingham's Palace
3. Family Man
4. Trouble
5. Say We'll Meet Someday
6. You Make Everyone Go Insane
7. Gibson Guitar

Topic is:
Say We'll Meet Someday
As I walk around, I see some guy that looks just like you, frizzy curly hair.
Say we'll meet someday cause you make everyone go insane